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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  September 1, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we are glad you are joining us at 5:00 on this wednesday morning, i am alison starling. . >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather. first, a meteorologist at caskey. >> today will be a lot like the past couple days, high pressure system in place. sunny and hot, but not oppressively humid. hurricane earl is a category 3, downgraded. it will have little to no impact on our local weather this friday and into the weekend. on the beaches there could be some impact mainly with the higher service and dangerous wind conditions. first, a lot of sunshine today, 95 degrees. starting out in the '60s in the suburbs, 76 downtown. we are in great shape. 95 in and of baltimore, construction should be gone on the beltway, 66.
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noel loureece on 66 outside the beltway. heading south to richmond between fredericksburg and richmond after the thornburgh exit, yesterday's bill was an accident with a truck that went off the road. it was loaded with tyres and the tires caught on fire. there brushfires and the right lane is still blocked. back to you. >> thank you. our top story this morning, bracing for homhurricane earl. it was downgraded to a category 3. state leaders are still not taking chances. virginia will go into emergency mode to prepare for never the storm could bring. courtney robinson has more details from the satellite center. it's good it has been downgraded. >> it is. there's a hurricane watch in place in virginia on the coast. it has been almost 20 years since the hurricane had so much of the eastern seaboard in its
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sights. hurricane earl blew through the mile-per- with 135 - hour winds, leaving people without clean drinking water. it is expected to parallel the east coast, possibly present allen banks of north carolina. officials are preparing and many beachgoers are evacuating already. in ocean city, maryland to the town officials are preparing for the worst. lifeguards have rescued many swimmers from dangerous recurrence in the past few days. >> i never thought i would be in that position before. i was really scared. they got me alex. >> virginia is bracing as well, getting ready for a state of emergency. the current projections put it 200 miles off virginia beach. too close for comfort as it
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could send high wind, flooding, and a possible surge. >> the storms could speed up. you may think it is farther south and it could speed up on you and we don't want people being caught by surprise. >> fema is deploying response teams from the carolinas up to the state of maine. cape cod and experience much more of its wrath in new england. we should see it late thursday into early friday. >> these are pictures of its seen from space. an astronaut on the international space station took this picture monday morning. now you can look at how much bigger it is in this picture taken 10 hours after that first one we showed you after it became a category 4. you can track it any time by logging on to our weather web page at
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defense secretary robert gates is meeting with u.s. troops at an air force base west of baghdad. he told the american legion from milwaukee that many of the iraqi problems are still not solved. as he arrived, hours after president obama's said the u.s. combat mission has ended. >> operation iraqi freedom is over. the iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country. >> the president said the u.s. commitment to a stable and self- reliant iraq will continue. all combat troops have left iraq after more than seven years. 50,000 service members will stay to help train iraqi security forces. >> some leaders who criticized to stop this surge are probably claiming credit for the results. >> republicans say the u.s. success in iraq is not because of president obama, but in spite
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of him. they remind americans that he originally opposed to the troop surge when he was a senator. >> president obama opens a new round of middle east peace talks. he will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president abbas abbas - today. this is the first new round of talks in nearly two years. the fbi is backing off assertions that the two men being held in the netherlands were involved in a terrorist plot. this is amateur video that shows them being led off the airplane in amsterdam after suspicions items were found in their luggage. investigators first thought the men were taking a test run for a terror attack. now sources say that the men did not know which other and they were not traveling together. virginia residents cannot get or renew driver's license or id card still because of a statewide computer added. the problem began last week and it is not clear when it will be
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fixed. virginia state police will not take any action against driver's license expired between august 25 and augseptember 30. parents are concerned by the intersection in alexandria where a child was hit by a car and killed. nine-year old rebecca johns was riding a bicycle on franconia road at tannin lane. the intersection is dangerous and residents say there is no safe place to cross franconia road in that area. -- at canon lane. >> people have complained about it for years with no response. >> unfortunately, it takes a tragedy like this. it's time we have action. >> many parents say they are no longer allowing their children to walk or ride their bikes on franconia road.
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still ahead, two days until elbowen strasburg recor's surgery. >> and michelle rhee, her controversial role highlighted. parts of the southern virginia coast is under a hurricane watch.
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captioned by the national captioning institute wednesday morning, welcome back. in the '60s in most outlying areas. in the '70s inside the beltway. 73 in rockville. 78 in the district, 66 in winchester. it feels a lot like the past couple morning's. strong high pressure in place day after day, the same conditions, very similar. let's look at the forecast. we will have changes very shortly. today, nearly total sunshine, mid 90's again, for a few
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degrees cooler tomorrow, but very sunny. a few degrees cooler by friday with some added clouds from hurricane earl locally. we are looking pretty good locally. if you are headed to the beaches early for this holiday weekend, that is where you'll have an impact from and what is now category three hurricane earl. a cold front by the weekend, high temperatures in the low 80s with low humidity. i jul angelenjoy. this is video of an accident yesterday south on interstate 95 in kornberg, virginia. southbound all the way to richmond but before the ladysmith exit, a tractor- trailer went off the road and burst into flames. its cargo was tires. this morning we are still
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dealing with brush fires in the area. the fire department activity remained on the right side because of the tires still smoldering and brush fires. if you are headed south into richmond, you'll find the fire department on the right side and a distraction. back to you. >> thank you. 5:12 on this wednesday morning, 75 degrees. >> a new way to keep tabs on your kids and their social networks. >> could school leaders in the districts have an impact on the mayoral race? we will look at a new poll, coming up. if >> federal agents are back on the thaksin egg far
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welcome back. no one is taking any chances as
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hurricane earl continues to move north. the virginia coast is under a hurricane watch. gov. bob mcdonnell will declare a state of emergency today. further south, visitors are being told to leave the barron islands. president obama announced the end of u.s. combat air operations in iraq after seven years. he paid tribute to america's fighting men and women, nearly two dozen u.s. troops will remain in iraq to help train iraqi security forces. federal agents were back at two in of farms at the center of the salmonella of a break. the fda and the say that agents visited the farms, but would not say why they were there. now to the district's race for mayor. the two main candidates to get ready for another face-off. another newbolt for ways what effect that one of the most controversial figures could face on election day.
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brianne carter has details from northwest. >> good morning. a lot of people talking about this race and that it could come down to the wire between adrian fenty and vincent gray. if people are talking about what impact it will have and who will be impacted. now we're looking at whether michelle rhee, a school chancellor, could have an impact. 40% of registered democrats say that she is a reason to reelect mayor adrian fenty durable looked at her leadership as well. let's look at those. 44% of residents approve of her job performance. 38% disapproved. a number of reform efforts she has put in place, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding
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them. she has said she is pleased with the numbers, that she is having an impact in the district. mayor adrian fenty and vincent gray will be together for the bait later today at the newseum. brianne carter reporting. there is a lot of confusion concerning a d.c. council race. at large councilman phil mendelson is being challenged in the democratic primary by shadow senator michael brown. he has the same name as another d.c. councilman. the other brown is leading mendelson. critics say that brown is trying to sneak into office, but he disputes the allegations. bob ehrlich says his campaign raised $725,000 in 18 days. from august 11 through august 29, is campaign has $2.5 million
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in all. the other candidates has $6.7 million, martin o'malley. alaska candidates lisa murkowski has lost. but i am conceding the race for the republican nomination. >> she conceded to tea party favourite to joe miller. she was trailing by 1700 votes and was not able to close the gap when the officials began counting the outstanding ballots. amazon wants to be your source for subscriptions. aol is helping keep tabs on children's social lives. rob nelson has those stories and more. >> amazon looks to add a subscription service for movies and tv shows. it is talking with major media companies about and all you can eat plan mainly for older movies and shows. if it already offers on demand rentals. aol has a new way for parents to
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keep tabs on their kids on social networking sites. it lets parents see with their kids are doing online without offending them. -- without friending them. >> they can't rescind bits of information and it is a helpful website. there are some down sides to it. there's nothing you're parent can do to suddenly delete or remove something from their child's facebook or twitter or myspace page. >> read that full view on wall street journal website. i am rob nelson and those are your "tech bytes." 74 degrees outside. hurricane earl has been downgraded. >> yes, it is getting into some dry air. and there are increased wind speeds in the upper level that
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cuts apart a hurricane, causing it to wheaton. we should see a slow decay of the storm, but still a major hurricane at this time, a category 3 with a maximum sustained wind of 125 miles an hour, gusting up to 155. it is 941 millibars in pressure. this is the water vapor imagery from the satellite. this shows midland upper level mr. in hemisphere. the green. that is a lot of moisture around the center of circulation. there's very dry air in there that is beginning to get wrapped upper, the orange area. it is moving into areas of very dry air. also, stronger upper level winds, which will cut apart and retain somewhat.
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it still remains a major hurricane as it goes north and buses along the eastern u.s. coast. it will be from the carolinas up to the delmarva peninsula where we are watching it. a little on the eastern shore of maryland, delaware, and virginia. some wind gusts at 40 or 50 miles an hour here and there with a few rain squalls moving on shore. locally, as of now it should not have much of the impact. if there's a shift in the track, the impact could change for us. sunny and hot the rest of this week. the temperatures may drop down to about 90 degrees on friday, this weekend in low 80's with a fantastic labor day weekend. traffic out of rosslyn getting to the district using the roosevelt bridge, there was construction on the d.c. side of the bridge. talks like we are moving smoothly out of rosslyn.
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look good on the george washington parkway. quiet on 100 and near the pentagon. 395, here we are at the lane divided across the bridge and into town, nothing complicated. and around the beltway at the american legion bridge, moving at speeds in both directions. back to you. >> thank you. 74 degrees outside. 5;22 on this thursday of september. >> big news out of redskins park. this will brighten your morning if you are a fan. >> today on "oprah," teen sensation justin bieber hits the stage at 4:00 on
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welcome back. rafael nadal was in action at the u.s. open last night in a first-round match. the opponent had the best highlights with this play at the net. rafael nadal quedens all the same. a little later in the broadcast, we have highlights from roger federer that trumps that won easily. >> you want to stick around for that. but now, tim brant. >> stephen strasburg will have
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surgery on his right elbow. the surgery will be in los angeles. recuperation will be 12-18 months. chances of a full recovery are listed as 80% to 92%. jordan zimmerman through nine strikeouts, gave up one. in the bottom of the tents, a single to left field. here comes dadullah. the slide, the tag, the marlins wheaton, 1-0,. the redskins played the cowboys a week from sunday at fedex field. the main concern, donovan mcnabb, ankle, but responding to treatment. he should be able to practice next week in preparation for the dallas coppola's, which means he will play. have a great day, everybody. 74 degrees on this wednesday
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morning. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead in the next half- hour, a controversial plan to keep children from loitering in chinatown. >> we are live in the weather center on this wednesday, tracking category three
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> people are still getting ready for the big one. >> on the coast, people are getting ready for whatever hurricane earl throws their way. welcome back on this thursday of december, i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown.
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we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has a check on the forecast and the busy atlantic. >> very busy in the atlantic as we are tracking category three hurricane earl, just downgraded this morning. the chances of getting tropical storm force winds fan in the metro area, which is 40 miles an hour, is about less than 10%. on the outer banks, a tropical storm force winds, 55% chance, and a 25% chance of hurricane force winds. there's a 30% chance at the delmarva beach. that is of tropical storm force winds. there is always going to be some fluctuations in that track.
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mostly the beaches will be the only thing affected, at virginia beach, for example. you will have some issues may be friday, such as dangerous conditions. mid 90's today for us, low 80's on the weekend. looks great. now to lisa baden. 15 south at 26, liberty road, one lane is inching around an accident. let's take you to a couple of maps. no problems on route 4, 5, 228, to a hundred 10 headed into some of the east. if 95 and the baltimore washington parkway had some overnight will work, but that is gone. back to you. >> thank you. up and down the east coast they're bracing for hurricane earl . it is expected to sideswipe the east coast. a retain what has been issued for the virginia coast.
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the state officials are getting ready for this. courtney robinson is live in a satellite center. >> we do have watches in place not just for the virginia coast but north carolina as well. officials do not want residents or beachgoers to be caught off guard. we saw the damage that it left in the caribbean. electricity knocked out to thousands. no reports of injuries. evacuations are underway for north carolina's audra banks. in maryland, people are stocking up. the hurricane will stay roughly 200 miles off the virginia beach, but close enough to potentially produce tropical force winds and minor flooding and possible storm surge. that is the reason we will see a state of emergency going to place in virginia today. earl is expected to pass by late
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thursday, early friday in our area. by saturday it should reach new england. from the carolinas to massachusetts, a beach goers are feeling the effects of dangerous conditions. lifeguards in ocean city, md. rescued a man yesterday caught in a recurrence. the man from harrisburg, pa., said the experience was scary, but he was not hurt. you can't track earl any time by logging onto r a the big story, following a developing story from iraq, defense secretary gates is meeting with u.s. troops at an airbase west of baghdad. he flew to iraq from milwaukee, where each of the american legion that many of iraqi problems remain unsolved. president obama's balkanization last night to announce an end to the u.s. combat mission in iraq.
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the president paid a great tribute to america's fighting men and women and then said it was time to turn the page. john hendren has more. >> the announcement was seven years, five months, and 13 days in the making. >> the american combat mission has ended. >> it was a suggestion of a promise fulfilled. >> this was my pledge to the american people as a candidate to this office. last february i announced a plan that would bring our combat brigades a lot of iraq while doubling evarts to strengthen iraqi security forces and supported government and its people. >> republicans remind americans that obama had opposed president bush's troop surge. >> some leaders who fought to stop the serbs' strategy are probably now claiming credit for the results. > -- fought to stop the troop surge. >> our task now is to put the millions of americans lost their
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jobs back to work. >> there is a ceremony today to celebrate a new mission for the 50,000 american troops that will remain there in and assisting role. president obama begins a new effort to bring peace to the middle east. he will meet with the israeli prime minister netanyahu and palestinian president abbas at the white house. the first round of talks in nearly two years. the fbi is backing off from saying the two men were involved in a terrorist plot. this video shows them being led off a plane in amsterdam after suspicious items are found in luggage. if investigators first of the men were taking a test run on a terrorist plot, but now they say the men did not know which other. in virginia, you cannot
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renew your driver's license or state i.d. because of a statewide computer outage. it is not clear when it will be fixed. for now, virginia state police will not take action against driver's licenses if expire between august 25 and september 30. enforcement will be reinstated on october 1. there is controversial technology at the gallery place metro station that is being called a teenage repellent. >> beep, beep. it is nonstop. fourth of property manager installed the device known as the mosquito. the frequency is high enough that usually on the people under 25 can hit it. >> it is annoying, to keep people away. >> i did hear it on the escalators. if it works, that would be nice. wexford it was installed after a massive brawl at the metro stop.
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5:36 on this wednesday. still ahead, there is a new look for the oval office. we will check out the not so extreme home makeover. what voters say about michelle rhee's role in the mayoral race and the primary challenge. adam caskey will have the changes in the forecast when we adam caskey will have the changes in the forecast when we come back.
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i am at the national zoo. this one is getting fresh fruit. are you eating a healthy breakfast? good morning, washington. wednesday morning, in the '60s in outlying suburbs. low to mid 70's in the beltway. let's look at the numbers. 64 in woodstock. 66 in leesburg. in the district, 78. 67 in woodbridge, 74 in damascus. a lot of sunshine and still hot, mainly sunny today all the way into thursday afternoon with
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high temperatures still in the mid-90s. friday we are looking at hurricane earl. it does not seem to have an impact on our local letter. it will be out of here, regardless of merit it is headed. now to lisa baden. build will travel looks fine. interstate travel looks good. 15 sali of 26, liberty road in frederick, only the right lane in shingletown the crash. debbie traffic southbound 270. approaching 109, only normal volume. 73 degrees outside. >> coming up, you could call it a one in a million shot, but you would be wrong. we'll show you the play of the day from the u.s. open. >> could michelle rhee play a role in the malaise in d.c.
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good morning. to curb are top stories on this wednesday, the national hurricane center has put the virginia coast under hurricane watch as hurricane earl continues to move north. gov. bob mcdonnell plans to declare an emergency today. farther south, they're being told to leave the north carolina bear your islands as a precaution. barrier islands.lan > 50,000 u.s. troops will remain in iraqi to advise and trained iraqi security forces. the financial crisis inquiry commission will hear from the former leaders of two
5:46 am
institutions that collapsed during the financial crisis. looks like a fight to the finish in the district's race for mayor. today fenty can and gray will face off in another debate. meanwhile, a new washington post poll looks at what education will do in the date. >> people are talking about everything that could potentially impact both of these campaigns. mayor adrian fenty and vincent gray are fighting it until the end when we have a september 14 primary in the district. a new washington post poll talked about whether or not else could have an impact, michelle rhee. they're looking at her leadership in the district. the numbers show 44% of
5:47 am
residents approve of her job performance. 38% disapprove. 41% of registered democrats look at cortez a reason to reelect mayor adrian fenty. 40% say that she may be one reason the matter should be added. that is a bit of a wash. there has been controversy regarding her decisions. she says that she is pleased with these numbers, to know that she is having an impact in the district. debatect there'll be a later today between the two candidates at the newseum. brianne carter reporting. another local school superintendent plans to step down. burgee.da fergi
5:48 am
jerry weast says he will retire next june. montgomery county says that requiring signatures is too stringent. one petition involved term limits and another involved ambulance fees. if thousands of signatures were thrown out, in many cases because the person did not include a middle name or middle initial, which is what the county law requires. a debate is brewing over sex education in virginia school. gov. mcdonnell had to fight for federal grant to teach abstinence only education. planned parenthood and other groups are upset. if they wanted him to apply for money for programs but would include information about disease and pregnancy prevention as well as abstinence. the national zoo is welcoming some new additions, four lion cubs, the first litter for cher,-year-old african lion.
5:49 am
melbourne or several dollars tuesday morning and are quickly adapting. they will likely make their public debut in late fall. -- the cubs were born of for several hours on tuesday morning. it is going to be another hot day. >> the same old thing. a lot of sunshine, 90's. people are paying attention to a girl and its impact on the middle area. either think it will have little to no impact locally. >> are you going to go to the beach early? >> don't plan on going swimming friday and even saturday. there will be dangerous carmans out there and some high surf. winds up to 50 miles an hour at ocean city and along the delmarva coastline due to the storm. there's a category three now.
5:50 am
this is the water vapor imagery. the green is a lot of water in the mid and upper levels of our atmosphere. the orange is the dry air. that is getting into the system. if that is causing it to weaken gradually. it is turning to the north- northeast, bringing in more and sheer, which helps to break apart the hurricane. a gradual dissipation is what we are anticipating from this system. this is a closer look at the forecasted track. the center of the storm is offshore. tropical storm force winds of 40 miles an hour due extend 200 miles out from the center of the storm. even a little waffling within the cult of uncertainty could give the changes along the beaches mainly. -- within the cone of uncertainty.
5:51 am
in terms of highest sustained winds, thursday into thursday night, this is what we are anticipating. most of the impact will be on the alexander bank and not necessarily on the delmarva beaches of maryland and virginia. 74 miles an hour is considered hurricane force. if the dark purple is the hurricane force most. of that will be offshore and acconot on the outer banks. there's an upper level system that will bring hurricane earl out of new england. that will drop our temperatures. low 80's saturday and sunday, looks like a late labor day weekend. if the timing is great. back to you. >> thank you. metrorail is on normal service systemwide. i will show you what to expect on the roads. southbound 270, everything moving nicely between germantown and rockville. let's look at a map. in good shape on 66, 95, 395,
5:52 am
adding to the pentagon, a yellow arrows to indicate the direction of the traffic right now. back to you. >> thank you. if you have not seen this amazing shot from roger federer at the u.s. open, it is incredible. take a look. >> between the legs. he gets it. >> he is a master at those shots between the legs. unbelievable. what do you do about that? >> that was monday night. brian dabul could only shrug. >> he was defeated. roger federer it did identical shot last year in the open.
5:53 am
the crowd gave him 01-minute ovation for that. critical. >> he must practice that. it is hard enough just to hit it down the line. but through your legs without looking, just over the net. unbelievable. >> the white house's most famous role and got a makeover of the first family was on vacation. new wallpaper, a new rug, and new furniture, lamps, ballrooms dial shares. the club pays homage to pass republican presidents and features quotes from abraham lincoln a fan's and teddy roosevelt. -- the rug pays homage to past republican presidents. >> i don't see a computer on the desk. 74 degrees on this wednesday morning. >> we will be right back.0
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>> parents face a dilemma, how do you protect your kids if you don't know what they're going through. >> of fairfax woman crated a program to help parents crack the code. linda crabtree. she says parents don't always understand the printed text messages kids are sending. program offers more than 1000 text codes and about 500 slang
5:57 am
words. she took action after a friend's daughter committed suicide after bullion. >> she may have been able to do things that would have helped her. >> the list of terms was compiled with the help of a team of teenagers, police, and child care professionals. the download is 99 cents and right now is on the compatible on apple products. >> you would think parents would like having that. >> on the 99 cents. wednesday, 5:57. a new study that women might want to look at, a closer look at the pain associated with high-yield issues. -- shoes. bracing for hurricane earl
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up in the next hour, hurricane earl is stirring up the atlantic and the east coast is bracing for whatever it has in store. >> tonight i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> the dawn of a new day in iraq. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. welcome back